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  • Thu June 23, 2011

    Clearer roads, clearer skies & a brighter future for Los Angeles


    Last week, Point C, along with a broad coalition of groups led by LAEDC and the Environmental Defense Fund released 'Vision Los Angeles'. Vision LA is a groundbreaking effort to eradicate the region's devastating transportation crisis by reducing congestion, increasing transportation options and minimizing air pollution by building upon existing transportation plans. 

    Vision LA outlines 15 specific strategies that range from adopting Complete Streets methods to implementing an operating system that includes a phone app, LAccess, that allows the user to compare the cost of riding transit to the cost of driving in their cars. The Vision LA report includes the input and consensus of a wide range of regional leaders representing the public, private and non-profit communities. 

    "...we need to spend less time and energy on highway expansions and more time and energy on solutions that actually resolve our intractable transportation problems in Los Angeles... provides real-world context for why our decision-makers need to implement the recommendations in the Vision Los Angeles report." -Adrian MartinezA Better Transportation Vision for Los Angeles 

    Response to Vision LA’s strategies has been overwhelmingly positive. The positive feedback demonstrates that identifying common ground is easy when it comes to transportation in Los Angeles - no one likes traffic and everyone wants clean air. 

    Several Vision LA participants are developing pilot programs to demonstrate these strategies. "The next step in realizing our vision is to implement the initial short-term actions, which will include starting key pilot projects to test their feasibility. These include implementing Transportation Management Associations in the healthcare, educational and entertainment industries and starting a program on Networked Work Centers and housing programs," said David Grannis, President and CEO of Point C, an experienced transportation-land use consulting firm that led the Vision Los Angeles work effort." - The Sacramento BeeL.A. Gridlock, Air Pollution Can Be Cut Significantly With Proven Solutions in Visionary Plan

    Stay tuned for updates on new programs! 


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