The Bloc
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Develop a partnership between The Ratkovich Company and the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) that enables the first direct and seamless connection between an existing Metro station and a major metropolitan mixed-use infill development. 


Developed by The Ratkovich Company, “The Bloc” is a 2 Million square foot development envisioned as a destination where culture and commerce meet. From world-class retail, fine restaurants, cafes, offices, and an elegant hotel to public performances, installations, and cultural events, The Bloc brings a rich experience to downtown Los Angeles. 

Across the street from this proposed development is the portal to Metro’s heavily used 7th & Metro” subway and light rail station, housing both the Red/Purple line subways, and the Blue/Expo line light rail lines.  When constructed many years ago, Metro had the foresight to create an access panel that could be opened in the future to connect to other land uses via underground passageway.

The Bloc and Metro have the opportunity to partner to open this portal – which will connect Metro riders directly into the retail level of The Bloc. But moreover, pointC envisioned an opportunity for Metro and The Bloc to collaborate on retail/revenue opportunities for Metro, and marketing/incentive opportunities for both Metro and The Bloc.


PointC developed a strategic plan that provides a partnership opportunity to both Metro and The Bloc: to link high capacity rail transit to what will be a vibrant and bustling activity hub to the benefit of both parties.

As part of its strategy, pointC has proposed that Metro be enabled to exercise its own revenue-generating option triggered by the connection and in the form of specialty retail options within the corridor area connecting the station to the development, much like one sees in other major metropolitan cities worldwide…except Los Angeles!