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Lead a partnership between two large entities — an entertainment company and a public sector agency — to identify and advance mutually beneficial highway improvements. 


NBC-Universal was going through an analysis for a proposed development on their property. The development would inevitably cause significant traffic, and with the US-101 already suffering from severe congestion, they needed a solution to their traffic problem that involved improvements on the 101. 


PointC saw an opportunity for NBC-Universal to work together with Caltrans to identify improvements along the US-101 corridor. Instead of solving NBC-Universal’s specific traffic challenge, the two entities had the opportunity to identify broader improvements along the 101 that would benefit the whole area.

NBC-Universal has agreed to fund and advance the preparation of project study reports and work with Caltrans on environmental design. Ultimately, NBC-Universal’s private investment will put the improvements in a better position to compete for public sector funding.

PointC is leading the team to develop infrastructure solutions and move them through Caltrans’ approval phases.  This collaborative process includes working closely with both Caltrans and Metro to identify funding and implementation solutions so the projects can proceed to completion. completion.